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Janette + Emilio | California Rooftop Wedding

Janette and Emilio had their roof top wedding in their hometown of Hermosa beach, California.  What a great way to end 2012!   The bride and groom are Educators who met while working as School Principals at the same school and fell in love.  Janet and Emilio envisioned their wedding ceremony against the sunset backdrop of Hermosa Beach.  They found a gorgeous rooftop deck and invited 50 of their closest friends and family for an amazing celebration! However, the wedding didn’t turn out exactly how they planned.  We were greeted with rain in the early afternoon right during the ceremony.  But the rain  was magical and Janette thought it was “very romantic”.  It turned out to be a cozy and beautiful evening with so much love, laughter and fun.    The couple combined their latin roots of Cuban and Puerto Rican to create a flavorful and festive wedding celebration of Cuban Cuisine, flavorful Mojitos, homebaked cookies, a cute little coffee bar, and a unbelievable latin playlist. At the end of the evening, each guest was given a welcome box of goodies to take home.  Everything about this wedding was authentic, flavorful and full of LOVE!

What a great way to end 2012!


Janette loves the season of autumn and wanted a warm wedding color palette of orange, browns and reds.

The couple had custom candles made with personal photo images of their lives.

Salsa Dancing, Family Love, Friendship…

Rooftop wedding in California. To tent or not? Thank goodness we put a tent up for  because it rained most of the night!

Delicious cookies made by the Bride and a cocktail list of the Family’s favorite mojitos!

Evening of bonding with family and friends! A little salsa and dancing and lots of laughter!



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stack bracelets gift idea bridesmaids

Jewelry Finds: Gifts for Your Bridesmaid

I found this adorable line of accessories and jewelry on instagram.  Can you believe it?! Chichime is a fashionable store based in New York has offers affordable, stylish jewelry pieces to fit your personality.  My favorites are the bracelet stacks and I plan to buy a few! They have great jewelry pieces that would be perfect for bridesmaids, sister or friends.    Prices range from $18.00 – $100.00.


Photo Credit: ChichiMe